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The Vox Pop Foundation builds digital civic engagement platforms based on anonymous citizen-to-citizen discussions between opposites. These platforms can be used during election periods or for civic education at high schools (Vox Pop Academy). By introducing the concept of online political ‘speeddating’, the organisation aims to break the infamous filter bubble and bring public debate closer to the people.


The Vox Pop Foundation is currently developing a pan-European application to be used during the European elections. This application, Talking Europe, will be available as a stand-alone platform under the #provethemwrong collective (for web, iOS and Android), but will also be available through national app(s).

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Content Creators

Are We Europe and ODB Brand Communication Agency have a network of over 350 storytellers and content creators from all over Europe, with a strong base in the Netherlands. We make beautiful content, ranging from magazines, videos and photography to podcasts and more. Content has to be sexy to grasp attention these days, right?



Are We Europe (AWE) aims to report on the often neglected and ever-changing state of the European identity by empowering aspiring European journalists who are motivated to explore this topic.

As inhabitants of Europe, we are faced with the European Union as a monetary, political and governing body. Although we profit from dissolving borders, it seems we hardly feel united in this union. Or do we? To answer this question, AWE approaches Europe from a personal perspective. By enabling young Europeans to tell their story, AWE sheds light on what binds and distinguishes us, taking us on a continuous exploration of what it means to be a European.

This approach allows AWE to oppose the often negative and politically flavoured reporting on Europe, presenting the world with in-depth, multimedia-fuelled, personal journalism on the EU topic. Based on set themes, aspiring journalists are stimulated to create, collaborate and become part of the AWE community, with the hope that they eventually spread their wings and take AWE’s convictions with them to other news outlets.

ODB Brand Communication Agency

So, basically, this is what we're made for doing. We don't know anything else, other than being utterly obsessed by brands. How they are built, how they interact with their audience. We feel that content is a touchpoint which needs to spark a unique emotion, something that makes you think or move.

We’re not into one night stands.
No, we'd rather see us building up a long lasting relationship.

We consider ourselves a brand or organisation’s creative partner in crime. Even during rough and tough times - we're here.

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Live Shows

Dutch trio De Kiesmannen gives exciting live shows with a mixture of facts, videos, theater, comedy and other forms of expression.


De Kiesmannen (‘The Ballot Boxers’) are three political performers. Their mission is to encourage and mobilise young people to vote. How do they do this? Through the medium of election shows that are rich in content, refreshing in style and highly interactive. They inform young people on political and social issues in a way that is thrilling instead of tedious – and fight ignorance and indifference in the process.

Previously De Kiesmannen organised sold-out election shows in three well-known Dutch venues, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Paradiso Amsterdam and Stadsschouwburg Groningen.

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