They say young people aren’t involved. That we don’t care about our future. That we don’t vote.

Except we do care. About climate change. About migration. About an inclusive society. These are the issues of the future, that we — the young generation — need to speak up about. Issues to be decided at a European level.

We’re the ones that will have to live with the decisions being made today. And so we need to make sure that we help decide. The easiest way to do that is by voting.

That’s why we need to #ProveThemWrong. Let’s prove that we are involved — that we do want to determine what our future looks like.

On May 23rd, 2019 a new European Parliament will be elected. But young people don’t vote.


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What does #ProveThemWrong do?

In May 2019, EU-civilians have the opportunity to vote during the European parliamentary elections. However, chances are that many of them will not be using their voting rights.

#ProveThemWrong is an activation campaign which aims to get young people to vote. The name of the campaign is a shout-out to young people to prove that they are involved with their future — that they do vote.


Join us

The #ProveThemWrong-campaign needs partners. They can help pass on the core message — young people need to vote — to their specific young target group, with their own personal approach. This way, the campaign reaches as many young people as possible, with a highly diverse array of backgrounds and interests.

What’s in it for partners?

Campaign partners are included in all communication and get access to a large network of organizations and people with the same goals and intentions. Through the campaign and hashtag #ProveThemWrong partner organizations create a higher brand awareness amongst a young and diverse target group. Together, they multiply the chance of success.

Also, parners get access to #ProveThemWrong-branding, including an online toolkit with — among other things — tailored campaign posters. Every partner organization’s logo will be displayed both on the #ProveThemWrong-website and in the sign-off of campaign videos.

And most importantly: participating in #ProveThemWrong puts partners on the right side of history.

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If you don’t (or your grandma, professor or neighbor doesn’t) wish to become a partner, but do want to help #ProveThemWrong, then donate the amount of your liking through this Tikkie QR-code. This way, the campaign can spread out even further and reach more and more young voters. Thanks!