Young people don’t care about anything - right?


Prove Them

They keep telling us that young people are uninterested, not engaged, lazy. That we don’t take action, we don’t protest or campaign. That we don’t take part in society. And that we don’t vote.

We are a collective of organisations that invites you to prove those people wrong. Let’s collectively show the naysayers, the prejudiced, the generation critics and the pigeonholers that we do take action, we do want to be a part of society.

Let’s prove them wrong together.


We are a

The campaign starts off with the launch of a digital platform, which functions both as the centre of the movement and as an interactive tool for partners and expert groups alike. We invite everyone to join the collective and use the open-source branding and hashtag #provethemwrong.


The name of the movement, Prove Them Wrong, is a shout-out to young people to speak out against the stereotype of their generation. They are accused of inherent political laziness: not knowing what the EU is or does, not being up-to-date on European history and refusing to call themselves or feel ‘European’. It is a trigger to show what they ARE doing – what DOES affect them.

The campaign will be launched on a digital platform, which is both the centre of the movement and an interactive tool for partners, organisations and individuals. Through the open-source branding and hashtag #provethemwrong we invite everyone interested to create content about European themes. Prove Them Wrong is, more than anything, a lobby which transcends interests and offers its complete collective theoretical and practical tools. This way, we activate others to think about their Europe.


Join Us

We are looking for partners / organisations / brands / individuals / funds to join our decentralised and horizontal collective in order to bundle our forces in the run-up to the European Elections of May 2019. Contact us below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.


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